Best Baby Shower Hairstyles for Mothers | Step by Step Guide

Planning for a baby shower involves from decorations to guest lists. One aspect gets overlooked is the choice of the best baby shower hairstyles for the mom-to-be. In this guide, we’ll explore how to pick the right baby shower hairstyle, the best styles to consider, how to accessorize your hair for the occasion, and even share tips on achieving a low-maintenance yet stylish look.

Let’s dive into the world of simple and elegant baby shower hairstyles that will make any mom-to-be feel special.

Selecting the Best Baby Shower Hairstyles

Choosing the right baby shower hairdos is an exciting decision that should be stress-free and enjoyable. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you find the best baby shower hairstyles for this special celebration.

Prioritize Comfort

Choose a baby shower hairstyle that ensures both style and comfort. Whether it’s loose waves or a sleek ponytail, opt for a look that won’t cause discomfort throughout the celebration. Imagine spending the day at ease, with a hairstyle that requires minimal adjustments, allowing you to focus on the joyous moments of the event. Consider the practicality of the best baby shower hairstyles as well. Select a low-maintenance option, like a simple bun or loose curls, enabling you to move freely while looking effortlessly chic. Prioritizing comfort guarantees your focus remains on the celebration, enhancing your overall experience.

Reflect Your Personality

Your hairstyle is a unique expression of who you are. Choose a look that resonates with your personality, be it soft curls for simplicity or a sleek bun for sophistication. Your chosen trendy hairstyles for baby showers should not only make you feel beautiful but also authentically represent your unique qualities. Consider the aspects of your personality you want to highlight. Expressing yourself through your hairstyle is a delightful way to add a personal touch to the celebration, making the day even more special.

Consider the Dress Code

Harmonize your baby shower hairstyle with the event’s overall dress code. If it’s a casual affair, opt for a laid-back charm with loose waves or a simple half-up, half-down style. For a more formal occasion, a sleek updo or polished ponytail could be the ideal choice, adding a layer of polish to your appearance. Coordinating your best baby shower hairstyles with the dress code demonstrates attention to detail, ensuring you feel confident and ready to celebrate the impending arrival of the little one.

Weather-Resistant Styles

Consider the weather when deciding on your baby shower hairstyle. If the event is outdoors or during a specific season, it’s essential to choose a hairstyle that can handle different weather conditions. This ensures you’ll look fantastic, whether it’s a sunny day or if there’s a chance of rain. Opt for styles that won’t easily get disrupted by wind or humidity, allowing you to enjoy the celebration without worrying about your hair. Think about the best baby shower hairstyles that are practical in various weather scenarios. Loose braids, low buns, or even a simple ponytail can be excellent choices that maintain their charm regardless of the weather.

Test the Style Beforehand

Before the baby shower, take the time to try out your chosen hairstyle. This pre-event trial is a valuable opportunity to make any necessary adjustments and ensures you feel confident and happy with your look on the big day. Testing the best baby shower hairstyles beforehand helps you avoid any last-minute surprises or potential issues, allowing you to fine-tune the details and make any modifications for optimal comfort and style.

During the trial, consider factors like how well the hairstyle holds up over time, whether it feels comfortable throughout the day, and if it complements your overall appearance. If there are any aspects you’re unsure about, this pre-event testing phase gives you the chance to address them, ensuring that when the baby shower arrives, you can confidently showcase your chosen hairstyle with ease.

Consult with Your Stylist

If you’re unsure about which best baby shower hairstyles to choose, seek guidance from your hairstylist. Their professional opinion, based on your hair type, face shape, and preferences, can help you make the right decision. Discuss your thoughts and considerations for cute maternity hairstyles, and ask for recommendations to ensure your baby shower hairstyle aligns with your vision for the special day. Consulting with your stylist adds an extra layer of assurance, allowing you to step into the celebration with confidence in your chosen look.

Top Picks for The Best Baby Shower Hairstyles

Wondering which hairstyles will make you shine at your baby shower? Let’s explore some easy-to-achieve options for the best baby shower hairstyles that will leave you feeling fabulous on this special day.

Soft Curls for Effortless Charm

Embrace a timeless and effortlessly charming look with soft curls. This soft curls for baby showers is a classic hairstyle that brings a touch of romance to your appearance without the need for complicated styling. Soft curls effortlessly frame your face, providing a naturally beautiful and relaxed vibe that’s perfect for celebrating.

best baby shower hairstyles
Timelessly charming, soft curls bring a romantic and relaxed vibe to your baby shower look | The Baby Stuffs

Neat Bun for Timeless Sophistication

Opting for a neat bun introduces a timeless and sophisticated element and elegant baby shower updos to your appearance. This elegant choice not only exudes chic vibes but is also remarkably low-maintenance. A neatly arranged bun ensures a vintage-inspired baby shower hair with a polished look without requiring much effort, allowing you to shine with sophistication effortlessly.

best baby shower hairstyles
Choose a sleek bun for a timeless and sophisticated baby shower updo, effortlessly exuding chic vibes | The Baby Stuffs

Side-Swept Hair for a Flattering Frame

Elevate your natural beauty with side-swept hair, delicately framing your face for a flattering and glamorous look. This style is simple yet impactful, effortlessly enhancing your features and creating an aura of grace. The beauty of side-swept hair lies in its simplicity, making it an ideal simple and classy baby shower hair choice for the joyous occasion of a baby shower.

best baby shower hairstyles
Adorn your natural beauty with the elegance of side-swept hair | The Baby Stuffs

Sleek Ponytail for Effortless Elegance

Opt for a sleek ponytail for an effortlessly elegant appearance. These chic and straightforward baby shower ponytail ideas not only keeps your hair neatly in place but also adds a touch of modern sophistication. A sleek ponytail is perfect for a laid-back yet stylish look that complements the celebratory atmosphere.

best baby shower hairstyles
Achieve an effortlessly elegant look with a sleek ponytail, ensuring your hair stays neatly in place while exuding modern sophistication | The Baby Stuffs

Half-Up, Half-Down for Playful Sophistication

Choose half-up half-down baby shower hairstyles for a playful yet sophisticated appearance. This versatile boho baby shower hairstyle combines the best of both worlds, allowing you to showcase the beauty of your locks while keeping them comfortably styled. It’s a perfect balance of elegance and playfulness, making it an excellent choice for a joyous baby shower celebration.

best baby shower hairstyles
Choose the delightful fusion of half-up half-down baby shower hairstyles for an effortlessly playful yet sophisticated appearance | The Baby Stuffs

Messy Braid for Casual Chic

Opt for a messy braid to bring a touch of casual chic to your baby shower look. This laid-back yet stylish hairstyle adds a hint of carefree charm to your appearance. The beauty of a messy braid or messy bun for baby shower lies in its relaxed and effortless vibe, making it an excellent choice for a more casual and enjoyable celebration.

best baby shower hairstyles
Go for easygoing allure of a tousled braid to effortlessly elevate your baby shower style | The Baby Stuffs

Accessorizing Your Hair for a Baby Shower

When it comes to making your baby shower hairstyle even more delightful, consider these natural hair baby shower looks with easy-to-use accessories that effortlessly enhance your look for the celebration.

Chic Hairpins

Transform your hairstyle into a chic statement with elegant hairpins. Opt for delicate or bold designs to introduce a touch of glamor. These stylish accessories provide a subtle sparkle, effortlessly enhancing your overall appearance for a look that’s both refined and beautifully complemented.

best baby shower hairstyles
Enhancing your hairstyle with chic hairpins adds a touch of glamour | The Baby Stuffs

Floral Hair Accessories

Bring a natural and feminine charm to your baby shower look by incorporating floral hair accessories. Whether you choose fresh blooms or faux flowers, these additions effortlessly elevate your best baby shower hairstyles. Create a charming and elegant vibe, adding a delightful touch of nature to your overall appearance for a beautifully curated style.

best baby shower hairstyles
Infuse your baby shower style with a natural and feminine charm by incorporating floral hair accessories | The Baby Stuffs

Headbands and Tiaras

Add a touch of easy sophistication to your baby shower hairstyle with a chic headband or a subtle tiara. These headband hairstyles for baby showers not only complement your look but also infuse a hint of glamor into your overall appearance. Achieve an effortlessly chic style that radiates sophistication with these simple yet impactful additions.

best baby shower hairstyles

Achieve a chic baby shower hairstyle with the addition of a stylish headband or subtle tiara | The Baby Stuffs

Ribbons or Scarves

Enhance your hairstyle with playful flair by incorporating ribbons or scarves. Tie them into a loose bow or weave them into a braid for a fun and stylish twist. These simple additions bring a touch of playfulness to your baby shower look, allowing you to express your style with ease.

best baby shower hairstyles

Add a playful touch to your baby shower hairstyle by incorporating ribbons or scarves | The Baby Stuffs

Statement Hair Clips

Make a bold statement with eye-catching hair clips. Choose clips featuring unique designs or words that resonate with you. These statement accessories add a personal touch to your baby shower look, allowing you to express your individual style with confidence and flair.

best baby shower hairstyles
Create a striking look with attention-grabbing hair clips | The Baby Stuffs

When it comes to accessorizing hair for the best baby shower hairstyles, simplicity and style go hand in hand. Chic hair pins offer a subtle yet effective way to elevate your hairstyle, providing a touch of glamor that suits various preferences. Floral hair accessories, whether adorned with fresh or faux flowers or celebrity-inspired baby shower looks, bring a natural and feminine charm to your overall look, creating an effortlessly elegant vibe.

Headbands and tiaras offer easy and quick baby shower hair ideas for adding sophistication, enhancing your baby shower hairstyle with grace and glamor. Ribbons or scarves provide playful twists, allowing you to express your style in a fun and stylish manner. Statement hair clips, featuring unique designs or meaningful words, make a bold statement, adding a personalized touch to your baby shower ensemble.

Choosing the right accessory depends on your personal style and the overall ambiance of the celebration. Whether you prefer a touch of nature with flowers or a statement piece that reflects your personality, these accessories ensure that your best baby shower hairstyles are not only comfortable but also beautifully adorned for the special occasion.

A Simple Guide to Achieving a Low-Maintenance Hairstyle for Your Baby Shower

Styling your hair for a baby shower can be effortless and chic without the need for intricate techniques. Follow these simple steps to achieve low maintenance baby shower hairstyles yet for the special occasion.

Step 1: Start with Clean Hair

Begin by washing your hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Clean, well-conditioned hair forms the foundation for a low-maintenance style that looks great and requires minimal effort. Once your hair is freshly cleaned, appreciate its natural texture and volume. Clean hair provides a perfect canvas for a simple yet chic look at the celebration.

best baby shower hairstyles
Start your styling journey with a gentle shampoo and conditioner to achieve clean and well-conditioned hair | The Baby Stuffs

Step 2: Choose an Easy Style

Opt for a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and doesn’t require intricate steps. Consider timeless options like a loose bun, simple braids, or a straightforward ponytail. These best baby shower hairstyles are effortlessly manageable, allowing you to focus on enjoying the baby shower. Choose a style that aligns with your personal preferences and comfort. The goal is to select a style that complements your overall look without the need for elaborate techniques, making your preparation stress-free.

best baby shower hairstyles
Choose timeless options are effortlessly manageable, allowing you to fully enjoy the celebration without intricate steps | The Baby Stuffs

Step 3: Use Time-Saving Products

Streamline your styling routine with time-saving hair products. Consider leave-in conditioners, texturizing sprays, or simple styling gels that add flair without extensive effort. These products save time and contribute to a polished appearance, enhancing your low-maintenance style effortlessly. Investing in quality, time-saving products ensures you achieve best baby shower hairstyles without the hassle, contributing to a stress-free and enjoyable baby shower preparation.

best baby shower hairstyles
Simplify your styling routine with time-saving hair products like blow dryer, leave-in conditioners, texturizing sprays, or styling gels | The Baby Stuffs

Step 4: Embrace Air-Drying

Embrace the simplicity of air-drying your hair for a hassle-free and low-maintenance approach. Allow your locks to dry naturally, avoiding the use of heat styling tools. This not only saves time but also contributes to a natural and relaxed look, perfect for the laid-back atmosphere of a baby shower. Air-drying allows your hair to showcase its natural texture, creating a carefree and effortless vibe. Embracing this method for the best baby shower hairstyles contributes to healthier hair and ensures that your styling routine remains easy for the baby shower.

Step 5: Minimal Accessories

Complement your low-maintenance best baby shower hairstyles with minimal accessories that add elegance without intricate arrangements. Choose a simple hairpin, headband, or ribbon that effortlessly enhances your look. These accessories serve as the perfect finishing touch, ensuring your appearance remains effortless and chic for the baby shower. Opting for minimal accessories allows you to strike a balance between style and simplicity. The key is to keep it minimal, allowing your natural beauty and chosen best baby shower hairstyles to shine through.

best baby shower hairstyles
Perfect your low-maintenance baby shower hairstyle with minimal accessories—simple hairpins, headbands, or ribbons that effortlessly enhance your look | The Baby Stuffs


Choosing the best baby shower hairstyles is a personal and exciting decision. By keeping it simple, elegant, and tailored to your comfort, you can enhance your overall experience and create beautiful memories. Remember, the best hairstyle is one that makes you feel confident and radiant as you celebrate the upcoming arrival of your little one.


What hairstyles work well for baby showers with a gender reveal theme?

For a gender reveal-themed baby shower, consider versatile hairstyles like a chic low bun, loose curls, or a side-swept style. These options allow you to maintain a stylish look while keeping the focus on the exciting theme.

Can you recommend hairstyles that accommodate hair accessories like tiaras or veils?

Opt for hairstyles like elegant updos, braids, or half-up, half-down styles that seamlessly accommodate accessories like tiaras or veils. These styles provide a perfect canvas to showcase your chosen hair accessories.

How can I choose a hairstyle that complements the overall baby shower decor?

Coordinate your hairstyle with the baby shower decor by opting for classic styles like soft curls, neat buns, or sleek ponytails. These timeless choices complement various decor themes without overpowering the overall aesthetic.

Are there hairstyles suitable for a baby shower photo shoot?

For a baby shower photo shoot, consider styles that photograph well, such as romantic waves, polished updos, or hairstyles with floral accents. These options ensure you look picture-perfect for capturing special moments.

Can you suggest hairstyles that work for both indoor and outdoor baby shower venues?

Versatile hairstyles like braids, loose waves, or simple updos are ideal for both indoor and outdoor baby shower venues. These styles withstand different environments while keeping you effortlessly chic.

What hairstyles are suitable for a baby shower with a vintage or retro theme?

For a vintage or retro-themed baby shower, consider classic hairstyles like victory rolls, pin curls, or elegant finger waves. These styles beautifully complement the theme, adding a touch of timeless glamor.

How can I ensure my baby shower hairstyle stays fresh throughout the event?

Use long-lasting styling products, like hairspray or setting spray, to ensure your baby shower hairstyle stays fresh throughout the event. Opt for styles with minimal fuss, such as low buns or sleek ponytails, for added longevity.

Can you recommend hairstyles for a baby shower held in a specific season (summer, winter, etc.)?

For a summer baby shower, opt for loose beach waves or a playful high ponytail. In winter, consider elegant updos or braided styles that withstand colder temperatures while looking stylish.

How can I coordinate my baby shower hairstyle with the color scheme of the event?

Choose hairstyles that complement the event’s color scheme by incorporating subtle accessories or accents in matching tones. This ensures your hairstyle harmonizes with the overall aesthetic.

Can you suggest hairstyles for a baby shower brunch or afternoon tea event?

For a brunch or afternoon tea event, consider relaxed styles like loose curls, tousled waves, or a simple bun. These choices strike the perfect balance between casual and chic.

How can I find a hairstyle that compliments my personal style for the baby shower?

Tailor your baby shower hairstyle to your personal style by opting for looks that resonate with you. Whether it’s bohemian braids, a sleek bob, or romantic curls, choose a style that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Are there hairstyles that work well with various hair textures and types for a baby shower?

Versatile hairstyles like textured waves, braids, or classic updos work well with various hair textures and types. These options ensure inclusivity, allowing everyone to find a flattering and stylish look for the baby shower.

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