Baby Shower Games for Men | Add Fun to the Celebration

Planning a baby shower? Don’t forget the guys and the baby shower games for men! While baby showers have traditionally been geared towards women, including games for men can add an extra layer of enjoyment to the celebration. Let’s explore some creative and entertaining baby shower games specifically tailored for the men in your life.

Fun Baby Shower Games for Men

Wondering how to make your baby shower memorable for everyone, including the guys? We’ve got you covered! Baby shower games for men bring laughter and camaraderie to the celebration, making it an event everyone will cherish. Here are some simple and enjoyable co-ed baby shower games that will add a special touch to your baby shower:

  1. Dad Joke Duel: For games for dad at baby shower, engage in a friendly competition by sharing your best dad jokes. The one that gets the most laughs takes home the title of the ultimate dad joke master. Laughter fills the room as participants showcase their humor, making it a delightful and light-hearted activity for everyone.
  2. Diaper Dash: Teams compete in a relay race to change a diaper. It’s a hilarious way to test their diapering skills and create some memorable moments. The laughter continues as participants fumble through this unexpected challenge, bonding over the shared experience of navigating the world of diapers.
  3. Baby Bottle Bowling: Set up a makeshift bowling alley using baby bottles as pins. Participants take turns rolling a soft ball to knock down the “bottles” for a striking good time. The joyous sound of bottles clattering down adds a playful touch, making this game both entertaining and visually engaging.
  4. Baby Food Taste Test: Blindfolded participants sample different baby foods and try to guess the flavors. It’s a taste bud adventure that adds a dash of humor to the celebration. Witness the amusing expressions as participants attempt to identify the unique tastes of various baby foods, creating an entertaining and engaging atmosphere.
  5. Pacifier Toss: Put those pacifiers to good use! Participants aim to toss pacifiers into a target area, showcasing their tossing skills and bringing out the competitive spirit. The room fills with cheers and friendly banter as guests take turns trying to land their pacifiers in the designated spot.
  6. Bottle Chug Challenge: A classic with a twist – who can chug down a baby bottle filled with a non-alcoholic beverage the fastest? It’s a lighthearted competition that leaves everyone in stitches. Laughter erupts as participants attempt to conquer the challenge, creating a fun and memorable moment for everyone involved.
  7. Baby Bingo: A baby-themed twist on the classic game. Participants mark off items like “diapers” and “baby onesies” on their bingo cards as gifts are opened. The excitement builds as guests eagerly anticipate marking off items on their cards, turning the gift-opening into an interactive and enjoyable experience.
  8. Guess the Baby Picture: Guests bring baby pictures of themselves, and everyone tries to match the baby photo to the right adult. It’s a delightful trip down memory lane. Laughter and nostalgic stories fill the room as guests share their baby pictures, creating a heartwarming and entertaining activity.
  9. Baby Trivia: Test everyone’s baby knowledge with a trivia game. Questions can range from baby care to famous fictional babies, making it entertaining and educational. The room buzzes with friendly competition and shared knowledge, making this trivia game both engaging and enlightening.
  10. Toy Story Charades: Act out popular children’s toys without speaking, and let others guess the toy. It’s a lively game that sparks creativity and laughter. Guests immerse themselves in the joy of acting out beloved toys, bringing an element of playfulness to the celebration.
  11. Puzzle Play: Create simple baby-themed puzzles and see who can put them together the fastest. It’s a relaxed yet engaging activity suitable for all skill levels. Laughter and friendly competition ensue as guests work together to piece together baby-themed puzzles, fostering a sense of camaraderie.
  12. Sock Matching Madness: Mix up a pile of baby socks, and participants race to match as many pairs as they can within a time limit. It’s a playful challenge that keeps everyone entertained. The room is filled with laughter as guests frantically search for matching socks, turning a simple task into a lively and enjoyable game.
  13. Balloon Pop Surprise: Write different baby-related tasks or challenges on slips of paper, place them inside balloons, and have participants pop them to reveal their missions. It adds an element of surprise and excitement. The anticipation builds as balloons are popped, revealing entertaining tasks that add a whimsical and unexpected element to the celebration.
  14. Baby Charades: Act out baby-related words or scenarios, and let others guess what you’re depicting. These can be simple and entertaining baby shower games for men that encourage creativity. Laughter fills the room as guests use gestures and expressions to convey baby-related concepts, making this charades game a delightful and engaging activity.
  15. ABC Baby Name Race: Challenge guests to come up with baby names starting with each letter of the alphabet. It’s a delightful way to brainstorm and share name ideas. The room buzzes with creativity as guests collaborate to come up with a wide array of baby names, turning this game into a fun and interactive naming adventure.

Why Host Baby Shower Games for Men?

Organizing baby shower games for men brings everyone together in a joyful celebration. The goal of men’s baby shower game ideas is to make sure the guys feel included and share in the excitement of becoming fathers. By having games tailored to them, it adds a special touch to the event and breaks away from the usual gender norms associated with baby showers.

In many traditional settings, baby showers have been more focused on women, often leaving men on the sidelines. However, times are changing, and father-to-be baby shower games should be part of the festivities too. Including baby shower games for men helps create an atmosphere of togetherness and involvement. It’s about recognizing that dads are just as important in the journey of parenthood.

The decision to organize baby shower games for men is rooted in the desire to foster a sense of camaraderie among all attendees. It’s an opportunity for men to share experiences, advice, and laughter, creating lasting memories. 

The games aim to make the celebration more inclusive and enjoyable for everyone present, reinforcing the idea that parenting is a shared journey. By breaking away from traditional norms, these baby shower games for men contribute to a more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that everyone feels valued and connected during this special occasion.

Planning Baby Shower Games Men Will Enjoy

When it comes to arranging baby shower games that will truly engage the guys, it’s all about keeping it simple and enjoyable. Understanding their interests and preferences is key to creating an atmosphere of fun and inclusivity. Follow these straightforward steps to plan baby shower games that men will genuinely enjoy.

1. Know Your Audience

Understanding the likes and dislikes of the men attending is the first step. Ask around or know their hobbies – whether it’s sports, movies, or a good laugh – to make sure the baby shower games for men align with their preferences.

2. Interactive and Inclusive

Choose games that actively involve participants. This could be anything from relay races to team-based challenges. The goal of such team-based baby shower games is to create an interactive and inclusive environment, ensuring everyone feels a part of the celebration.

3. Steer Clear of Stereotypes

Avoid falling back on traditional or clichéd games. Opt for activities that are straightforward, relatable, and free from gender stereotypes. This approach ensures a fresh and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

4. Prizes That Spark Interest

Incorporate a touch of friendly competition by offering prizes that appeal to the guys. Consider gadgets, gift cards, or sports-related items. Having enticing prizes adds an extra layer of excitement, making the games more engaging.

5. Balance Competitive and Laid-Back Games

Include a mix of competitive and more laid-back games. Some guys enjoy a bit of friendly rivalry, while others prefer a more relaxed atmosphere. Striking a balance ensures there’s something for everyone, enhancing overall enjoyment.

6. Consider Short and Sweet Games

Keep the attention span in mind. Short and straightforward games are often more enjoyable. They capture interest without becoming overwhelming, maintaining a lively atmosphere throughout the event.

7. Themes Can Add Fun

Introduce simple themes to the games. Whether it’s a sports theme, a favorite movie, or something related to parenthood, themes can make the games more engaging and enjoyable for everyone.

8. Encourage Team Participation

Foster a sense of teamwork by incorporating games that require collaboration. This not only adds a fun dynamic but also strengthens the sense of camaraderie among the men’s participation in baby shower fun.

9. Create a Relaxed Environment

Ensure the overall ambiance is relaxed and comfortable. A laid-back setting encourages guys to unwind and enjoy the baby shower games for men without feeling pressured, fostering a more enjoyable experience.

10. Seek Feedback

Before finalizing the games, gather input from a few key attendees. This can help ensure that the chosen activities align with the interests of the majority, making the celebration more tailored and enjoyable.

Fun and Unique Baby Shower Games for Men

Spice up the baby shower with laughter and camaraderie by introducing amusing and unique baby shower games for men designed specifically for the guys. These activities add a playful twist to the celebration, ensuring everyone has a memorable and enjoyable time.

1. Baby Olympics

Transform the event into a friendly competition with the Baby Olympics. Include games like baby bottle bowling, diaper dash, and pacifier toss. Crown the ultimate Baby Olympian for a hilarious and entertaining twist.

2. Baby Picture Pictionary

Combine artistic and guessing skills with Baby Picture Pictionary. Participants draw baby-related phrases while others try to guess what they’re illustrating. Such dad-friendly baby shower activities are a lively and creative game that sparks laughter and friendly banter.

baby shower games for men
Add a splash of creativity and laughter to your baby shower with Baby Picture Pictionary | The Baby Stuffs

3. Dress the Baby

Inject some creativity with the Dress the Baby game. Provide each team with a baby doll, diapers, and assorted baby clothes. The challenge is to dress the baby as quickly and creatively as possible, leading to amusing and endearing results.

baby shower games for men

Bring laughter and creativity to your baby shower with the Dress the Baby game | The Baby Stuffs

4. Baby Food Art Challenge

Turn baby food into a canvas with the Baby Food Art Challenge. Participants create art using different baby foods on a blank canvas or paper. The results of these baby shower games suitable for men can be hilarious and offer a unique twist to the celebration.

5. Baby Bottle Limbo

Add a touch of the tropics with a Baby Bottle Limbo. Use baby bottles as the limbo stick, and participants must lean backward without toppling the bottle. It’s a simple yet entertaining baby shower games for men that adds a physical element to the celebration.

baby shower games for men

Infuse tropical fun into your baby shower with Baby Bottle Limbo | The Baby Stuffs

6. Baby Pictionary Relay

Put a relay spin on the classic Pictionary. Divide participants into teams, and each member takes turns drawing a baby-related word or phrase. The relay format adds an element of speed and excitement to the traditional game and men’s involvement in baby shower games.

Baby Shower Games for Men | Add Fun to the Celebration
Add a relay twist to classic Pictionary at your baby shower | The Baby Stuffs

7. Name That Baby Tune

Create a playlist of popular baby-related songs or lullabies. Challenge participants to guess the song title as each snippet plays. It’s a musical and amusing baby shower games for men that adds a melodic touch to the celebration.

8. Guess the Baby Item

Test knowledge of baby essentials with Guess the Baby Item. Place common baby items in sealed bags, and participants use their sense of touch to identify each item. It’s a sensory and laughter-inducing game that adds an element of surprise.

What to Consider When Organizing Baby Shower Games for Men

When arranging baby shower games for men, it’s crucial to consider their interests and preferences. Ensure the activities are engaging, inclusive, and tailored to create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. By keeping the games simple, relatable, and free from gender stereotypes, you guarantee that everyone feels included and has a good time.

In the broader discussion, remember that the goal is to foster a sense of camaraderie among all attendees. Men attending baby showers want to share in the joy of impending fatherhood, and the games should reflect this inclusivity. Avoiding clichés and traditional gender norms ensures a fresh and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Additionally, strike a balance between competitive and laid-back games. While some men may enjoy a bit of friendly competition, others may prefer a more relaxed atmosphere. By offering a variety of games, such as baby shower games for dads and friends, you cater to different tastes and create an environment where everyone can participate comfortably.

It’s also essential to consider the overall ambiance of the event. Keep it relaxed and comfortable to encourage a sense of ease among the participants. This relaxed setting allows men to unwind and enjoy the games without feeling pressured, contributing to a more enjoyable experience for all.


Adding baby shower games for men elevates the celebration, making it more inclusive and enjoyable for everyone involved. Embrace creativity, humor, and a touch of competition through inclusive baby shower game options to create lasting memories of this special occasion.


What are some baby shower games specifically designed for men?

Look for games like Diaper Dash, Dad Joke Duel, and Baby Bottle Bowling. These activities add a touch of humor and competition, tailored to the interests of the guys attending.

Why is it important to include games for men at a baby shower?

Including games for men ensures that everyone feels involved and adds a layer of enjoyment to the celebration. It breaks away from traditional gender norms, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared excitement about impending fatherhood.

What are some team-based baby shower games that men can participate in?

Team-based games like Baby Olympics, Dress the Baby, and Baby Picture Pictionary encourage collaboration and friendly competition among male guests.

How can I incorporate dad-to-be themes into baby shower games?

Personalize games by incorporating dad-related elements, like Dad Joke Duel or Guess the Baby Picture, ensuring the games reflect the dad-to-be’s journey into fatherhood.

What are some competitive baby shower games that men would enjoy?

Competitive games such as Baby Bottle Limbo, Name That Baby Tune, and Puzzle Play add an extra layer of excitement for those who enjoy a bit of friendly rivalry.

Can I personalize baby shower games to match the interests of the dad-to-be?

Absolutely! Tailor games to match the dad-to-be’s hobbies or preferences. Consider themes like sports, technology, or humor to create a more personalized and enjoyable experience.

How do I balance traditional baby shower elements with games for men?

Balance is key. Include traditional elements like gift opening alongside games like Baby Bingo or Baby Picture Pictionary to maintain a harmonious and enjoyable atmosphere.

What are some interactive baby shower games that encourage socializing?

Games like Baby Charades, Guess the Baby Item, and ABC Baby Name Race foster interaction and socializing, ensuring a lively and engaging celebration.

Can I include sports-themed baby shower games for a male-centric event?

Absolutely! Games like Baby Bottle Bowling with a sports twist or sports-themed trivia can add a fun and masculine touch to the event.

Are there baby shower games that involve technology or gadgets?

Yes, consider tech-friendly games like Baby Shower Bingo apps, virtual trivia, or interactive quizzes to cater to a more tech-savvy crowd.

What role can humor play in baby shower games for men?

Humor is essential! Games like Dad Joke Duel, Baby Food Art Challenge, and Baby Charades bring laughter and a light-hearted atmosphere to the celebration.

Are there baby shower game prizes that appeal to men?

Prizes like gadgets, gift cards, or sports-related items are likely to appeal to men, adding an extra incentive for participation.

What are some baby shower games that promote bonding among male guests?

Team-based games like Baby Olympics, Sock Matching Madness, and Diaper Dash encourage bonding and create lasting memories among male attendees.

What are some non-traditional baby shower game ideas for men?

Think outside the box with games like Baby Bottle Limbo, Baby Food Taste Test, or Balloon Pop Surprise, offering a non-traditional and entertaining twist.

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